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Window Tints - The Law

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Window Tints - The Law

"The law specifies the level of light transmission through glass. The front windscreen has to allow through 75% of available light. The two front side windows have to allow through 70% of available light.

The legislation does not allow for different interpretations - it is quite clear. It does not refer to the construction of the glass, or make an allowance for adding tinted film, it refers to light transmission into the vehicle.

You cannot lawfully add a tinted film to glass that would reduce the light transmission value below the figures quoted. Most glass found on modern vehicles are already tinted at the maximum and have the code AS1? (windscreens) & AS2? (front side glass) to indicate this.

A vehicle which does not allow through sufficient light may be prohibited and the driver prosecuted as a very low light transmission value is dangerous to the occupants of that vehicle and other road users."

This text was taken from Essex Police's website, and I have to say that I think 75% transmission of light through windscreens sounds low - I'd expected it to be 90-95%. A possible exclusion to the front window section is that I think it may still be legal to have a much darker sun strip, as long as it is less than 10cm deep, and does not interfere with the driver's horizontal vision. To be sure, check with your tinter or film supplier.