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Sunroof Reset

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The Ford Mondeo hit our roads in 1993, and has consistently been a sales success. Now on its 4th incarnation, it remains a drivers favourite.
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Ford Model: Mondeo
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After disconnecting the battery or removing the power plug from the sunroof on the Mk3, you will need to reset the sunroof motor as follows:

  1. Operate the sunroof switch to the up/close position until the sunroof is in the fully open/vent position.
  2. Release the switch.
  3. Operate the switch to the up/close position and hold for 30 seconds until there is a small movement (approximately 2 mm) and the sunroof motor stops.
  4. Release the switch.
  5. Operate the switch to the up/close position again within 0.5 seconds until the sunroof stops (one complete cycle).

Owners Handbook Version

Sunroof Relearning Function

  • Lift the rear of the sunroof. Hold the switch pressed for another 20 seconds until you see the sunroof move.
  • Release the switch. Within 5 seconds, press and hold the same switch ( lift ) again. The sunroof will close, open fully and then close again.

Do not release the switch until the switch until the sunroof reaches the closed position for the second time.

If the switch is not pressed continuously, the relearning function will be interrupted. Start the procedure once more from the beginning.


The Anti-Trap function is not active during this procedure. Make sure that there is no obstacles in the way of the closing sunroof.

TotalGuy version

ok i tried following the sunroof reset wiki and failed but i figured out my own way to get one touch sunroof working. if you remove the battery for any reason you will need to do this (and the windows) again (note this method wont work on the windows).

have the sunroof in its closed position i.e where it sits when not in use.

press the button to make the sunroof tilt (the back part of sunroof) this should be the part of the button nearest the screen with the 3 dots on it.

keep a hold of the button and as soon as its titled it will kind of jump before it stops doing anything. it does this quick so watch it!

next let go of it press the same part of the button again, the sunroof will come down from the tilt position, past the close position then it opens the whole sunroof. keep holding the button until the sunroof goes back to the normal closed position and then its done so you can let go of the button.

to test obviously press the button as you would with one touch windows the sunroof should go to tilt up and stop on its own, go back to closed and stop, open fully (back) then stop and obviously it will close to the correct position with 1 press of the button.