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Subframe Bushes

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Subframe Bushes - Replacement on a Mk3


If you're thinking of changing the rear subframe bushes on your Mk3 then here's how I did it.

I've just fitted the Powerflex bushes to mine and the hardest part was getting the old rubber out one one of the old bushes. The first two came out easily with a tug and twisting motion, using mole grips, the third took a bit longer and the fourth was a bitch. I ended up carving it out - maybe I changed them a bit early.

Another way of doing this is once you have managed to get one of the bushes out (if you are lucky one of them may be worn badly enough to just fall out) if you put it between the body and the top of the dropped subframe thin end down you can then jack the subframe up and the old bush will force out the existing one! This will make things infinitely easier to do.

To remove any excess rubber still left in the metal outer of the old bush it's best to buy a 50mm Wire Cup Brush. If you use a power drill and the cup brush you will be able to clean out any remaining rubber and also clear any rust out of the existing casing.


When I'd removed the rubber and the inner metal sleeve, then the inside surface of the outer steel bit left in from the old bush was cleaned up using some rough emery paper.

The new Powerflex bushes then just pushed in, with a bit of copper grease to ease them in - this was supplied with the bushes. Make sure they go far enough in so that the top lip on the bush goes right through and locates over the top edge of the old steel outer - otherwise they'll come out.

A new stainless steel sleeve goes through the centre of the polybush and a new large washer and your old washer and bolt are then refitted.

You can do this with the subframe on the car one bush at a time, just loosen the other bolt (bush) on the same side to lower the frame a little so that the powerflex bush will go right through (the lip mentioned above).

A big advantage of this method of fitting is that you can fit them one at a time, keeping the car on the road if you don't have time to fit them all at once. If all the old bushes had come out as easily as the first two, I could have finished the job in an hour. As it was, I did three one weekend and the stubborn one the following weekend. The bushes cost £68 and have to be ordered through a Powerflex stockist, as you can't get them directly from Powerflex. I got Larkspeed in Rotherham to order mine and they came in four working days.