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Steering Wheel & Airbag Removal - Mk3

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The Ford Mondeo hit our roads in 1993, and has consistently been a sales success.

Now on its 4th incarnation, it remains a drivers favourite.
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Overview Guide
Ford Model: Mondeo
Petrol/Diesel: ????
Estimated Cost: ????
Difficulty? ????
How long does this take? ????

Approx Fitting Time & 1st Things To Check For

15-20 mins + 15 mins airbag system drain time if required.

If the ignition has recently been switched on then you will have to wait 15 minutes minimum for the airbag system to fully discharge or disconnect the battery & wait again just to be 100% safe.

Parts Required

T30 torx bit screwdriver

Small flat screwdriver

24mm Socket ( deep socket if you have one )

Small extension bar ( if you dont have a deep socket )

T-bar for the socket.

Optional - Power Bar incase the t-bar aint shifting the bolt ( it can be tight if never undone since the car was made )

Piccies of the kit.

MK3 Steering Wheel Change Tools.jpg

MK3 Steering Wheel Change possible tool.jpg


Airbag Removal

Turn the ignition key just enough to unlock the steering lock ( but dont engage the ACC / I Position ( if you do engage said position then switch off the ignition & make sure to wait 15 mins before you progress further to allow the airbag system to drain - unless you have disconnected the battery of coarse )

MK3 Steering Wheel Change - ignition.jpg

Turn Steering wheel 90 Degree's from the striaght ahead position

MK3 Steering Wheel Change 1.jpg

Locate the screw hole that is now at the top of the steering wheel back & insert the torx screwdriver & undo the screw

MK3 Steering Wheel Change 2.jpg

Turn the steering wheel 1800 degree's in the opposite direction & undo the screw found at that side.

MK3 Steering Wheel Change 3.jpg

While making sure to support the airbag for falling, turn the steering wheel to the straight ahead position & remove the ignition key & enable the steering lock.

MK3 Steering Wheel Change 4.jpg

carefully pull the airbag forwards & suitably support it to allow you to work behind the airbag.

MK3 Steering Wheel Change 5.jpg

Now undo the 2 clips on the rear of the airbag itself ( just squeeze the little tabs at the side & pull normally, occasionally though your airbag may have actually been fitted correctly & the locking tabs applied so if the side tabs do not press, slide the yellow locking tab towards the rear of the plug ( where the cables are ) & then try the tabs again.

MK3 Steering Wheel Change 6.jpg MK3 Steering Wheel Change 7.jpg MK3 Steering Wheel Change 8.jpg MK3 Steering Wheel Change 9.jpg

Now for the final connection holding the airbag inpace, the horn/cruise buttons connector.

Using a small flat screwdriver/bit push the locking tab down on the connector plug & pull the plug from the clockspring.

MK3 Steering Wheel Change 10.jpg MK3 Steering Wheel Change 11.jpg MK3 Steering Wheel Change 12.jpg MK3 Steering Wheel Change 13.jpg

Now you can remove the airbag & store it safely ( badge side facing upwards just incase it goes off ( then you dont have to remember to watch for it coming down again when it scares the life out of you  :} - never had this happen after many airbags have been removed but best to advise about it being possible.

Steering Wheel Removal

Undo the bolt in the middle of the steering wheel a few turns - & only a few turns mind, you dont want that bolt out fully just yet.

MK3 Steering Wheel Change 14.jpg

Now give the steering wheel a good tug & it should pop loose & stop when it hits the bolt once again ( best done this way than getting a face full of steering wheel if the bolt is fully removed with the wheel still stuck inplace - the wheel may not always be stuck but when it is its on well lol )

MK3 Steering Wheel Change 15.jpg

This piccy shows the spring mounted behind the wheel that helps you get a face full of wheel if you fully remove the bolt when the wheel is stuck inplace.

MK3 Steering Wheel Change 16.jpg

Make sure you keep the clockspring from turning between removing & refitting the wheel ( a strip of tape may help with this if the wheel is going to be off for a while but normally you can just hold it while you put down the old wheel & pick up the new one.


Basically reverse the removal instructions to refit the steering wheel.

Only pointt worthy of a mention is to switch on the ignition after refitting everything from outside the vehicle just incase the airbag deploys ( once again unlikely but must be mentioned given the fact it can occasionally happen )