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Speakers - Different Types

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Speakers - Different Types

There are a number of different types of speaker classification. These are listed in ascending order of quality, and cost:

Single cone - these covers the whole frequency spectrum from the one cone, and can be called full range speakers because of this. Treble and bass are usually lacking.

Dual cone - this has a little cone mounted from the dome in the centre of the main speaker, which supposedly carries more treble. Better than the single cone, but still lacking in bass, and treble to some extent

Co-axials (including Tri-axials) - these have a tweeter and perhaps a mid-range as separate speakers mounted over the main (mid-bass) speaker. These give better sound than the speakers above but many people would argue that the low sound coming from the mid-bass speaker below ruins the higher sound coming from the speaker(s) above. These units have built in crossovers, that filter the different frequencies of sound to the appropriate speaker. Some units have adjustable tweeter angle

Components (known as separates in the house market) - these are completely separate speaker units, in either two way form which have a mid-bass and treble speakers, and three way form which have a mid-bass, high-mid and treble. These are the best in the car as you can mount the treble (and high-mid) speaker(s) to get the best sound stage for your ears - this isn't possible with co-axials as all sound comes from exactly the same point. These units have separate crossovers, that filter the frequencies of sound to the appropriate speaker and are more complex to fit. Mounting the various speakers in components too far apart can give sound that doesn't feel real. Fix the treble (and high-mid) speakers loosely and move them around to get the best sound stage. The higher the frequency the easier it is to tell the direction of sound, so be sure to have only one set of tweeters aimed at the ears otherwise the sound staging will, again, be disturbed.