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Screen Flicker Problems, Denso Nav Systems

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If you have Bluetooth/ Voice Control as an option on your MK3 Mondeo or MK2/ MK3 Focus there may be times when you switch on the system that the screen flickers, you get green & black lines and the unit keeps cycling between the Ford startup screen and radio etc etc... Read on....

After a flat battery or by jump starting the car the BT/VRM module seems to have a hissy fit and the data within corrupts.

This causes a signal hiccup on the CANBUS, leading to the following, but not exhaustive Touchscreen issues..

Flickering Random screen shots Green/ Black Lines across screen Incorrect resolution on all colors.

By unplugging the BT/VRM module, this should stall the problem short term.

To fix it, the BT/RM module needs to be wiped and reconfigured with IDS. The simplest and easiest way to do this, if possible, is to borrow a known working module and fit to the car before starting a fresh IDS session.

The network test that is run when the program launches 'clones' all the information from each module fitted to the car.

Once that is done, using 'Programmable Module Installation' this information is then uploaded to the faulty unit when prompted to do so. In this case, we know that the unit being fitted is having issues, so IDS will erase all the data on it and upload fresh instructions, including all voice commands in the chosen language as well as protocols for the Bluetooth etc.

The whole process takes just over an hour to complete.

Once configured, the VIN number needs to be uploaded, the ignition cycled and the job is finished.

Whats even more annoying is that if you took this information to a Ford Dealer they probably wouldnt understand it, or in Sacha's case, try to convince you that they need the car for 4 hours (@£90 per hour) or insist that you need a new touchscreen or DVD ROM drive.

So, if you do experience issues, then you can contact me and come and see me, or we can meet up. Posting the unit out is also an option as i can just upload your chassis number and post it back.

Hope this helps someone!


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