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PDC Park Distance Control

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The Ford Mondeo hit our roads in 1993, and has consistently been a sales success. Now on its 4th incarnation, it remains a drivers favourite.
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Details of the Ford Mondeo PDC - Park Distance Control

Parking Aid — Vehicles Built From: 06/2003




Principles of Operation

The parking aid system detects objects behind the vehicle when the vehicle reverse gear select input to the parking aid module is enabled. The parking aid module does this by calculating the distance to an object by the use of four parking aid sensors mounted in the rear bumper. The sensors can detect objects approximately 1m to the rear of the vehicle.

An intermittent warning tone is generated from the speaker in the parking aid speaker, located on the central junction box (CJB). The interval between the tones decreases as the vehicle gets closer to an object. When an object is detected within 30cm of the sensors (40cm on vehicles with tow bar), the warning tone becomes continuous.

Refer to the Owner Guide for the parking aid speaker operation.

A short tone will sound from the parking aid speaker as a system check when the ignition switch is turned to position II and reverse gear is engaged. The system will always enable when the ignition switch is turned to position II and reverse gear is engaged. The parking aid system will be disabled if reverse gear is disengaged or if a concern is detected in one of the four parking aid sensors or the parking aid module. When the parking aid system is enabled and a concern is detected, the system will indicate this by a continuous tone from the parking aid speaker for three seconds followed by a break for three seconds. This sequence will be repeated until reverse gear is disengaged.

Inspection and Verification

1. Verify the customer concern.

2. Visually inspect for obvious signs of electrical damage.

Visual Inspection Chart




Wiring harness

Electrical connector(s)

Parking aid sensor(s)

Parking aid speaker

Reversing lamp switch

Parking aid module

3. If an obvious cause for an observed or reported concern is found, correct the cause (if possible) before proceeding to the next step.

4. If the cause is not visually evident, refer to the Self-Diagnostic Mode.

Self-Diagnostic Mode

1. To enter the parking aid module Self-Diagnostic Mode, turn the ignition key to position 0 and make sure the vehicle is in neutral gear.

2. Make sure that no obstacle is within 2 meters of the rear of the vehicle.

3. Turn the ignition key to position II and select reverse gear.

4. If a concern is detected with a parking aid sensor, the parking aid module will indicate this by emitting a deep audible tone sequence from the parking aid speaker. REFER to the Audible Tone Sequence Chart.

5. To exit the Self-Diagnostic Mode, select neutral and turn the ignition key to position 0.

6. If the concern remains after the Self-Diagnostic Mode, refer to the Symptom Chart

Symptom Chart



1... A continuous audible tone is emitted

Possible Source(s):

Parking aid sensor(s).

Parking aid module.

Action(s) to take:

REFER to the Self-Diagnostic Mode.

2...The parking aid speaker has a continuous or intermittent tone when the reverse gear is selected

Possible Source(s):

Parking aid sensor(s) dirty or iced over.

Parking aid sensor(s) incorrectly installed.

Action(s) to take: CLEAN the rear parking aid sensor(s).

INSTALL the rear parking aid sensor(s) correctly.

3...Parking aid is inoperative/does not operate correctly

Possible Source(s):

Parking aid module.

Reversing lamp switch.


Parking aid speaker.

Pinpoint test c:

Parking aid is inoperative/does not operate correctly:

C1: check the reversing lamp switch

C2: check the parking aid module power supply

C3: check the parking aid module ground circuit

C4: check the parking aid speaker circuit for open

C5: check the parking aid speaker circuit for open