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Oil and Filter Change

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The Ford Mondeo hit our roads in 1993, and has consistently been a sales success. Now on its 4th incarnation, it remains a drivers favourite.
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Ford Model: Mondeo
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On the oil and filter, a motorcraft oil filter is a good one, but anyone for the v6 mondeo should do, magnetec oil is a good oil, but again halfords oil is good or fords oil is a good one as well,

Ok, so to change the oil, either drive the car up ramps or jack up the front of the car and support it on axel stands, pop the hood open and take off the oil cap located in the engine compartment right in front of the engine next to the IMRC cover, working back under the car now in the middle of the sump, towards the rear next to the Y pipe, u will see the sump plug, get a 15mm spanner in there as there isnt really much room to get a ratchet/socket in there, undo this nut and get your bucket and prepare to catch the oil, before undoing the whole sump plug bolt, hold it with your hands so that it doesnt spill into the bucket along with the dirty oil, if it does dont worry, it just means your going to be fishing your hands in there, make sure u wear some kind of rubber inspection gloves,

Remove the oil filter and again place the container near it as some oil will spill out of this, the oil filter is located towards the front of the sump and engine near the radiator side, wait till the oil is completely drained off from this as well, wipe the old oil off the face of the block, get your new oil filter, pour some fresh oil in there and around the rubber seal to make sure u oil all of the seal and refit the new oil filter and make sure it is tightened up but not too over tightened,

Wait till all the oil comes out of the sump plug hole, then replace the plug and tighten it up,

Working back in the engine compartment get your funnel and put it into the oil port where you removed the oil cap, and refill the engine with new oil, make sure the oil is rated for 5w30, fill till on the max mark on the dipstick, now this is a good time to look under the car again near the oil filter and sump plug to see if you have any oil leaks, if you find one, then tighten up the sump plug, or u will need another rubber seal for the sump plug bolt, and if its comming from the oil filter, tighten it up more, but if you dont have an oil leak, lower the car back down, check the oil level again, if not to the line, top it up till its up to levels, replace the oil cap and jobs done on this

If you have a paper filter then you will also need a suitable torx socket to drain the oil from the housing first and a suitable very large socket (36mm) to unscrew the plastic filter housing.

Halford's sell the filter along with both rubber O-rings needed to replace the ones from the filter housing and the drian plug.

DO NOT USE METAL TRIPOD OIL FILTER REMOVAL TOOLS AS THIS CAN CRACK THE PLASTIC OIL FILTER HOUSING You can use a strap if you wish but the best way to do is it to use the correct socket (36mm), and yes, they are VERY tight.