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Oil Change - TDCi

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The Ford Mondeo hit our roads in 1993, and has consistently been a sales success. Now on it's 4th incarnation, it remains a drivers favourite.
For more information, visit the Ford Mondeo forum on, the definitive resource site covering all Fords from the present day to the 1970's.

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Author: Various
Ford Model: Mondeo Mk3
Estimated Cost: ??
Difficulty? Easy
How long does this take? 2 hrs

1) Safely jack car up and onto suitable supports (eg, jackstands)

2) Underneath the engine, protecting it from the road, is the engine cover. This is secured with a multitude of Torx screws. Remove all of these and remove the cover.

3) Locate the position of the oil drain plug, which is located at the rear of the sump.

4) Place suitably large container underneath the oil drain plug (over 6 litres).

5) Unscrew the oil drain plug.

6) Remove the oil filler cap (this speeds up the draining process as air can now enter via the top)

7) Have a cup of tea

8) Locate the oil filter, which is just in front of the sump, and has a round plastic bottom, with a hexagonal nut head in the middle.

9) Remove this (be careful of oil draining from here), replace the filter and refit.

10) Refit the oil drain plug (if not already done)

11) Fill engine with new oil, via the oil filler cap. Engine holds about 6 litres. Keep an eye on the oil dipstick when filling.