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Interior Trim Specifications

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The Ford Mondeo hit our roads in 1993, and has consistently been a sales success. Now on its 4th incarnation, it remains a drivers favourite.
For more information, visit the Ford Mondeo forum on, the definitive resource site covering all Fords from the present day to the 1970's.

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Interior Trim Specifications


There are a few interior types and combinations available to Mondeo owners, Here is a list of Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 interior trim and colours


Box 9 of the vin plate shows the codes:

Trim Colours

1st digit of this code represents the plastic colouring,

D Pumice

H Opal

K Atlantis Blue

S Raven

Cloth trim

The 2nd Digit is the cloth trim code�.

Code Material Date of use

B Stage/Lawrence 0393 � 0893

B Stage/Angora 0393 0896

C Papillon/Lawrence 0393 � 0896

D Sonic/delon 0393 � 0896

E Columbo/Lawrence 0393 � 0894

F Rushing/Delon 0294 � 0896

G Caster/Delon 0894 � 0996

H Triangle/Angora 0195 � 0896

J Intaglio/Delon 0894 � 0896

R Jigsaw/Delon 0895 � 0896

S Jigsaw/Angora 0895 � 0896

X Leather 0393

3 Leather 0197


Vin plate also uses box 9 for trim codes

Trim and cloth colours

1st digit Colour

E imperial blue

M Midnight Black

R Raven

T Truffle

U Medium Dark Opal

V Alchemy

2nd digit Material Date used

A Sambuca 0898 �

B Maze 0898 �

C Match 0898 �

D Match/leather(st) 0898 �

K Kappa/Mekong 0896 � 0197

K Kappa/echo 0197 � 0898

L Flight/Angora 0896 � 0799

M Liberty/Angora 0896 � 0898

N Dune/Gentry 0896 � 0898

U Leather 0896 �

W Kappa/leather 0197 - 0898


Trim and material colour

1st Digit Colour

A Anthracite

B Black

E Ebony

G Light Graphite

M Midnight Black

P Light Parchment

R Radiant Red

S State Blue

2nd Digit Material Date of use

A Aria 08/2000

B Basket 10/2000

K Kenzo 02/2002

L Leather 10/2000

M Mars 10/2000

Z Zeus 10/2000

New colours on Mk3 facelift

Majestic Ebony with Twill sides

Tria Ebony with Twill Ebony sides

Tria Camel wth Twill Camel sides

Tria Ebony with Leather Ebony sides

Aras Ebony with Lux Ebony sides

Aras Camel with Lux Camel sides

Aras Light Flint with Lux Light Flint sides

Ebony leather

Leather Camel

Alcantara Ebony with Leather ebony sides

Alcantara Camel with Leather Camel sides

Recaro Leather Light Flint

Recaro Leather Infra Red

Recaro Leather Ebony