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IPod/iPhone audio and charging wiring

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A simple iPod / iPhone install that also charges

Here I will show you how to install a quick and easy iPod/iPhone installation. This method will allow you to charge your device at the same time as listening to your music and videos, and also give you far better sound quality than the headphone socket!

To start you will need a 3.5mm to 2 RCA adapter lead, I used a 2m lead and had about 2 foot of excess wire when all done any lead will do, however I used a shielded type as it was just as cheap as a normal one.

IMG 0504 (Small).JPG

next you will need to pop onto EBAY and get yourself one of these:

IMG 0503 (Small).JPG

it's an iPhone to RCA lead with 5v charge, now its important that you get the 5v version as this will charge the latest iPods and iPhones (including 3G and 3Gs) these sell for around 8-10 pounds and are mainly available from Hong Kong (check the sellers feedback to ensure you get a worry free sale, should take around 7-14 days to arive)

To link the two together you will require an RCA to RCA adapter again these are available on ebay for a few quid

IMG 0502 (Small).JPG

The 3.5mm jack end goes into your AUX socket in your glovebox, tuck the wire behind the plastic trim down the passengers side of the center console

Next you will need to make a hole in your armrest box, I used a 14mm drill bit in a hand drill. Check there are no wires the end of the drill can snag, on the inside, you can view this when removing the ashtray / cup holder trim

IMG 0511 (Small).JPG

     -----> front ----->

pass the RCA end of the iPhone lead through the hole and fish it out from the other side where the cup holder sat.

tie a loose knot in the wire before doing the next step, this will prevent you pulling the connections apart inside by pulling the wire out too far,

you will notice the negative wire (black) has a eyelet terminal, I removed the mounting screw from where the cup holder sits and placed the eyelet in between the plastic and metel frame, so the screw passes through the eyelet.

IMG 0508 (Small).JPG

the Positive I tapped into the positive for the lighter socket useing a scotchlock conector

IMG 0509 (Small).JPG

IMG 0507 (Small).JPG

tidy up the remainder of the wires by tucking them neatly under the centre console trim

Re-attach the ashtary cup holder trim

IMG 0510 (Small).JPG

then sit back and enjoy your music!!! :D

IMG 0512 (Small).JPG

Remember this will allow you to charge your device at the same time and also gives you far better sound quality!