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Headlight wiring

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Headlight wiring for Mondeo Mk4

Colour codes for the Mk4 Mondeo headlight wiring, shamelessly "obtained" from a post 4titx made on one of the affiliated forums.

Left headlamp unit

  • LH Ignition Live: Violet/White
  • LH Sidelight: Yellow/Blue
  • LH Dip beam: Brown/Blue
  • Negative: Black/Yellow

Right headlamp unit

  • RH ignition Live: Violet/White
  • RH Sidelight: Brown/Yellow
  • RH Dip beam: Blue/Green
  • Negative: Black/Violet

What use is this to me?

There can be many reasons, but one good example is a popular mod for the Mk4.0, which is to fit aftermarket daytime running light (DRL) units. If the kit contains one ballast that drives both units, a good location to fit it would be underneath the left headlight.

That way, you don't have to tap into the ground wire of the lamp itself. Just crimp on a ring connector and screw it to the chassis using one of the existing six or so nuts below the air filter box.

Then, wire up the +12V inputs using one of the methods below:

  • T-tap (quick and dirty)
  • Splice, solder, and cover with shrink tubing (reliable and beautiful, if done right)
  • Home made tap loom using bullet/blade connectors and spare wires (if you're uncomfortable with splicing, but good with a crimping tool)