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Headlamp beam deflectors - C-MAX

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Beam deflectors for driving on the wrong side of the road (RHD) or on the correct side (LHD). For all Focus C-MAX built to March 2007 (pre-facelifts) with halogen headlamps. Scale so that X is 25mm. The rest should be self-explanatory. Black sign-writers' self-adhesive vinyl makes an excellent masking material.


RH lamp

C214-RHD-RHL-mask.jpg C214-RHD-RHL-lamp.jpg

LH lamp

C214-RHD-LHL-mask.jpg C214-RHD-LHL-lamp.jpg


RH lamp

C214-LHD-RHL-mask.jpg C214-LHD-RHL-lamp.jpg

LH lamp

C214-LHD-LHL-mask.jpg C214-LHD-LHL-lamp.jpg