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Fuel and Boost - 1.8TD

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How to turn up the fuel and boost on the Ford Escort Mk6 1.8 Turbo diesel Endura-De engine

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Overview Guide
Ford Model: Escort Mk6
Petrol/Diesel: Diesel
Turbo: Yes
Estimated Cost: Depends (If you buy a boost controller and boost gauge)
Difficulty? Easy/Medium
How long does this take? (Approx 15 mins if you do the fuel mod only) - (Approx 1 Hour, if fitting the boost controller and boost gauge)


There’s no need to open the fuel pump plug and go all through that hard work because the pump is just behind the radiator and is impossible to get without removing the radiator. You can add more fuel in a very simple way. Locate the fuel pump and locate where the small 6mm boost pipe going into the fuel pump. There should be a round piece of metal, a 14mm nut and a 4mm allen head bolt. Screw it off completely and remove it, look inside there should be a small spring. Remove the spring and screw the allen bolt back in place do not tighten it completely, tighten about ¾ of the full thread. Lock the 14mm nut and the fueling is turned up by now. If you want more power screw out a bit more.

But If you like to do this the proper way the max fuel screw is inside the pump itself.

Lower the radiator from the bottom of the car by removing the 4 bolts 10mm that are holding the bracket. Remove the plug Mine is a 14mm allen key. but I didn't had an allen key that big so I Found a bolt which is 14mm and used 2 lock nuts against each other and used a spanner to unscrew the plug. Note that the fuel inside the pump will p[our out - (about 350ml). Then You will see a small hole in there. You should see a 4mm allen bolt in that hole. If it's not visible you need to turn the pump until it aligns with the hole by, putting the car in 5th gear with the engine turned off and move it forwards slowly until the allen head bolt aligns with the hole. Now put a 4mm allen key in there and turn the screw for the desired max fuel delivery. Clockwise to increase fuel and anticlockwise to decrease fuel. Use small adjustments like 40 to 60 degrees. Put the plug back up and secure it tight. Put back the radiator in it's place and start the engine. Now the boost compensator. You may have to put a stiffer spring to reduce the smoke at partial throttle. Also for more power turn the boost compensator bolt anticlockwise 1 turn at a time. Enjoy your new power. Thank you.








Firstly, you must fit a boost gauge to know how much boost there is. Shorten the wastegate rod or put a boost controller inline with the turbo outlet nipple and the wastegate and turn the boost up to 15psi if it’s with the standard top mount intercooler. More boost can be achieved with a big front mounted intercooler. That should be about it. It may a bit smokey but it will have more power.

Do this at your own risk. I accept no responsibility if any damage may occur.