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Flip Key Reference

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The Ford Mondeo hit our roads in 1993, and has consistently been a sales success. Now on its 4th incarnation, it remains a drivers favourite.
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Flip Key Reference


Buy a used X- or S- type folding key from eBay. Make sure it is the European version as the US version uses different frequencies and will not work.

Oh, and the button on the Jag key which has a lamp signal is actually a panic button on the Mondeo.


Separate remote part from folding part of key.

If you half unfold the key you will see the blade retaining pin. This can be knocked out using a small drift, I used a small allen key as my drifts were too big. Once you have removed the pin the blade can be pulled out of the chrome part. This wiki used to say pull the plastic part of the key to pieces but you can drift out the pin without doing so. That is how Jag fit the blade to the key in the first place.

Take your new Ford key (I got a non-pats key cut especially for this, it cost around £10 and I think it was a "Curtis" blank. A non-PATS torch key would also do - but obviously don't buy the Torch bit. Other keys may work, but I don't know - though the Ford "Credit Card Emergency Spare" keys will not work.

Take a junior hacksaw, and cut the plastic part of the key away to release the brass blade out of the new Ford key.

File the new blade to make the fittings match the Jag key. I had to file the edges where is fits into the diamond section. Make sure the blades are the same length, if not file the end that goes into the key body until they are the same length. Compare the two blades and file the groove that the retaining pin locates in onto the new blade.

Fit the new blade into the chrome section, and replace the retaining pin. If you have filed the groove in the correct place the blade will be a tight fit; if you weren't as precise, you could use some superglue.

Instead of all that messing you could just have a blank Jag blade cut to your keycode. They are available on eBay for about £12 at the moment (September 2007).

Enjoy walking into bars, and pretending you have a Jag, while knowing you weren't foolish enough to pay a premium for a smaller car with a posh badge, and besides, as you inevitably bought your Mondeo used, someone else took the crippling depreciation!