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Flip Key - Ford

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The Ford Mondeo hit our roads in 1993, and has consistently been a sales success. Now on its 4th incarnation, it remains a drivers favourite.
For more information, visit the Ford Mondeo forum on, the definitive resource site covering all Fords from the present day to the 1970's.

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Overview Guide
Ford Model: Mondeo
Petrol/Diesel: Both
Estimated Cost: ???
Difficulty? Easy
How long does this take? 2 Hrs

How to use the Ford Flip Key meant for the Mk4 Mondeo on your Late Mk2/Mk3 Mondeo.

Items Needed

1 Ford Flip Key

1 Blank cut to your current key

1 Replacement pats chip


Separate remote part from folding part of key.

Split the plastic part of the key to pieces but you can drift out the pin without doing so. (If you half unfold the key you will see the blade retaining pin. This can be knocked out using a small drift.) That is how Ford fit the blade to the key in the first place.

Take your new blank key and remove all of the plastic, we are only after the blade shank.

Re-profile the end of the new key shank so it's the same as the shank that you have removed. You may need to slim down the sides of the shank so it will fit. One in place refit the pin that you took out earlier, if you are having problems you can use super glue to hold the blade in as well.

Now we need to remove the "old" pats chip as this is no longer required. Once this is out, we need to make space for the "new" pats chip. If you look on the other half of the plastic part you see where you can put the chip, you will need to cut/remove the webs to make space for the chip.

Once you have made space for the chip you can reassemble the key.

On the remote you will need to remove part of the plastic to make the remote fit with the "new" pats chip. You may find that the key slot is narrow for the "new" key shank, so you may have to widened this slot. Once the key fit's the slot you can reprogram the key to car is the normal way.

Special Note Regarding PATS Chip Fitting.

The PATS chip needs fitting in one direction ( will work both ways but one way may cause problems on occasion )

The PATS chip receives power by its proximety to the receiver ring & then sends back the code to the car via the same antenna.

For Proper function of the PATS chip it needs fitting into the key case with the copper coil positioned so its the closest thing to the key barrel as its this coil which is the antenna & both powers the PATS chip & sends the code to the car.



The left hand side shows where the "old" pats chip was and the right hand side you can see where I have placed the "new" pats chip.


The top key shank shows the tibbs key and the way it mounts with the Jag flip key. The bottom key shank shows the "old" shank but more important is the way is fitted to the key base, we need to replicate this on the tibbs blank.


This shows the completed key

-- additional pics --

Hole cut.jpg

hole for PATS chip

Pats inplace.jpg

PATs chip inplace

Additional cuts.jpg

this shows the small ( well over done but you get the idea lol ) notch in the remote section needed to make more PATs chip room

( i cheated & bought a new key case for £7 which came with a pre-fitted TIBBS keyblade & also had NO newer PATS chip to remove & also had the side resting place for the blade also sized properly for the TIBBS keyblade )

Programming Instructions

Programming of Remote

you will need all your remote's for this

Insert a programmed key into the ignition.

Turn key to position 2 & back four times within 6 second.

Hhen you turn the ignition off after the fourth turn you should hear a beep to tell you your in programming mode for the next 10 seconds.

Press any button on your new remote ( a tone will be heard when the car accepts the button press ) now do the same with your old remote's too.

Either switch the ignition back on or wait until the timer runs out on the programming mode & your done

Coding key to start the car

Complete each of the following steps within 5 seconds.

Insert first programmed key in the ignition & turn to position 2

Turn the key back to position 0 & remove from the ignition

Insert second programmed key in the ignition & turn to position 2

Turn back to position 0 & remove the second key, the system is now in programming mode.

Now insert you new key & turn to position 2 ( within 10 seconds )

Turn the ignition back to 0 & remove the key & then wait for five seconds.

Now try to start the car with your new key, if done ok the car will start, if its failed then the red LED in the clock will flashes after the ignition is switched on.