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Fixed vane turbo mod tddi tdci

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Overview Guide
Ford Model: ?????
Petrol/Diesel: Diesel
Estimated Cost: ????
Difficulty? Easy
How long does this take? 30 minutes

Fixed vane turbo tddi and tdci mod

here is a cheap modification for owners with a fixed vane turbo. to make sure you have this turbo, on top of the turbo is a cylinder it should be facing the right not forward.

What this mod does

basically you can get your turbo to kick in sooner (approx 1500rpm) and get the turbo to max boost psi quicker.

What you need

All you need is a length of pipe 30-32cm long with an internal diameter of 4mm and some hose clips. you may want to buy a longer piece of pipe to do some experimenting or you can just stick with what i have done.

locations and fitting

you will need to remove the airbox to turbo hose completely to allow access, the hose end that fits on the turbo itself is located below the inlet of the turbo and towards the back it can be tricky putting a clip on the pipe here so choose your clips carefully. the type i used had a hex bolt with flat blade screwdriver through it. basically a bolt that pulls the clip shut. this is the worst part to do so i suggest doing this first. the other end of the pipe fits on the wastegate (the cylinder) so once you have got the pipe secured to the turbo secure it to the wastegate. this is all you need to do you dont need anything else and your turbo should kick in lower, possibly less lag and smoother into the turbo range.

Further additions

if you want to add a boost gauge this is pretty easy you dont really need a boost gauge for this although you can fit one if you wish. if you do want to use one you need to buy a boost gauge (usually comes with some hose and a T piece) cut the hose where you like (i would leave atleast 8cm of pipe on the turbo side) and put the t piece in and connect hose up to the boost gauge. the longer part of the T piece fits inline on the hose the shorter part goes to your boost gauge just thought id mention it just in case you dont have instructions.

you can temporarily fit the boost gauge outside the car for testing (mechanical type only). lift the passengers wiper blade put it under the wiper arm then secure it. just remember not to use the wipers!! if you are not going to fit it in the car for some time you can easily tuck the gauge down th back of the right suspension turret and it shouldnt rattle.

If you want to add a boost controler you really need to have a boost gauge a boost controler will help increase the psi of the turbo. on standard pipework (on the other type of turbo variable) i know the max psi on overboost goes upto 30psi. bearing this in mind and allowing 4-5psi for spike you can adjust the boost as you see fit. i would suggest max of 25psi which allows room for spike. the reason for this is we know the pipework can take 30psi so your not likely to get splits in the pipework or pipes blowing off. cant guarantee this though.

to add a boost controler follow the boost gauge setup first. now take off the pipe on the T piece going to the wastegate cut a small bit of pipe to join the T piece to the boost controller then on the other side of the boost controller put as short a piece as possible pipe to connect to the wastegate. this will be the best way to add psi and get the turbo in quicker, using longer pipe will have an adverse effect so only use long pipe if your not fitting a boost controller

you should have instructions with a boost controler to adjust it. bear in mind you need to drive the car to test it. if its going too high then dont drive it hard and stop the car when you can and adjust it.


for a quick cheap mod get 30-32cm of hose 4mm internal diameter and fit to the turbo.

to add a boost gauge its as above but cut the pipe and put the T piece in

to add a boost controler as above but add the boost controller (in line) AFTER the boost gauge T piece