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Estate Roof Bars Removal

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The Ford Mondeo hit our roads in 1993, and has consistently been a sales success. Now on its 4th incarnation, it remains a drivers favourite.
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Overview Guide
Ford Model: Mondeo
Petrol/Diesel: ????
Estimated Cost: ????
Difficulty? ????
How long does this take? ????

Mk3 Estate Roof Bar Removal

should you need to remove the mk3 roof bars then the following may be of help.

( this guide is just a rough guide at present & will be updated with better info & piccies later )

Tools Required

10mm Socket & wrench/spanner.

Extension bar for socket.

Torx bits ( T20 - for the in cabin items, T30 - for the curtain airbag screws ).

Philips/cross head screwdriver.

Small Flat Screwdriver.


Front of the bars

undo the 2 T20 torx screws holding the sunvisor to the car & remove the visor.


using the flat screwdriver unclip the cover on the second sunvisor clip & then undo the T20 torx screw under the cover.



repeat the last step for the 2 T20 torx screws holding the grab handle above the door.


remove the a-pillar trim by giving it a tug at the top.

remove the cap on the b-pillar trim & remove the philips head screw found under there & remove the upper b-pillar trim.




carefully fold back the headlining avoiding creasing the headlining.

( there may now be access to both bolts with the use of a spanner but if not the following will need to be done )


undo the 2 T30 torx screws holding the curtain airbag inplace.

carefully move the airbag inwards a little ( it wont need moving far & wont really move far as its still attached to the car via various other fixing points )

with the airbag moved out far enough then you can access the 2 bolts with the 10mm socket on the extension bar.


with these 2 bolts undone the front of the bar is undone.

Repeat on the other side of the car.

Rear Of The Bars

the rears are a little easier.

remove the 2 plastic pushpegs in the boot space lining.


remove the d-pillar trims by removing the philips screw found in the boot cover retaining section & then giving the trim a tug from the top to release the clips left holding it inplace )


pull the roof lining down suitably without creasing it.

using the 10mm socket undo the bolts holding the roof bars inplace ( one is hidden out of the way right inside the bodywork, the other is up near the back end of the curtain airbag )


once this is done the roof bars should be undone from the car & will just require careful lifting off the roof ( the studs the bols fasten onto are pretty long so ithey will need rasing a fair wat before they are fully out - also watch the paintwork too when doing this )

refit in reverse order.