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Duratec 30 Information

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Information gleaned over the internet of the Duratec 30 (3.0 duratec engine as found in the ST220)

The following below relates to what changes were made by Noble:

We use a custom forged aluminum piston from Wiseco which results in a compression ratio of about 8.5:1 - Interesting, I thought was 8.0:1, as per Noble literature. The little more compression probably gives a tad better pre-boost power and response. Nice little bonus, since we already got the added protection and durability of forged Wiseco's.

The rods are Scat's 4340 forged H-beam with ARP 2000 bolts. (These are not the Q-Lite version) - ARP 2000 are seriously strong, higher quality then their 8740 bolts. (Opening my engine shows that they switched to SPS aerospace fasteners). There's back and forth debate about H-beam vs I-beam. Regardless, Scat forged rods are bound to be way WAY more than we need at our HP levels.

Yes, they are standard green top, 42 lb Lightning injectors.

In terms of balancing and blueprinting... Each crank is rebalanced to match the weight of the new forged rods and pistons. Each block is checked for deck height, main bore size, etc. Heads and cranks and inspected as well. Due to small variations in piston size, we measure each and every one in our climate controlled quality dept and then make very closely matched sets of six. After this, each block is honed to match the set of six pistons. We do this in order to maintain very tight control over the piston-to-bore clearance to reduce the possiblilty of piston slap from the increased clearance requirements of a forged piston.

Other items which are different:

1) The camshafts are a unique profile with increased lift and duration. - turns out to be stock Mondeo ST220 cams

2) The block is specially machined to install piston squirters on each cylinder.

3) The accessory drive setup requires a non-stock front cover.

4) We use a special dual frequency damper for engine smoothness. This is not an underdrive or lightweight type change.

5) Lighter weight 19 lb flywheel - Looks like standard SVT Contour flywheel, which is 2lbs lighter than the non-SVT version

6) The piston squirters and turbos create increased demand for oil. A higher capacity oil pump is in the works...