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Common Rail Injector Types

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Mondeo Common Rail Injectors

This information is a combination of data from Ford parts lists and a useful catalogue from United Diesel that was pointed out by Mondysteve.

The Month / Year dates generally agree between the two sources but these should not be taken as vehicle build dates. The change from Euro 3 to Euro 4 doesn't correspond to the availability date of Euro 4 injectors but is spread over a period of more than 18 months. So when determining the correct injectors you need to know both the build date and whether your car is Euro 3 or Euro 4. You can find this by entering your registration number or VIN into [eTIS][1].

The chart below gives some idea of the distribution of Euro 3 and 4 cars by build date. Note that 130 hp Euro 3 cars become 125 hp as Euro 4 and 155 hp Euro 3s become 152 hp as Euro 4. Ford doesn't show any change in horse power for 115 hp cars. This data is just a sample of cars taken from eBay. There are 66 cars represented. Each pink blob is a car and you can read its hp off the Y axis and its build date off the X axis (years are shown along the top). The green line indicates whether a car is Euro 3 or Euro 4. There don't appear to be any 3s in 2006 and there shouldn't be any 4s prior to September 2003.

Euro Build4.jpg

In the Mondeo the transition from long nozzle injectors to short nozzle takes place in June 2003. Some time between February and June 2003 also marks the transition from two box ECU/ICU to one box. F-Super / Formidable will not read from or program the C2i injector codes with the two box ECUs.

The more capable and more expensive ForDiag can program injector codes in both single and two box systems.

Reading Your Injector Labels

If you stick a mirror down the back you can then take a photo and reverse it.

Mirror.jpg Injectors Label.jpg

Injector characteristics are shown here:

Model Month / Year Ford Part Delphi Part Euro
115hp Sep 02-Nov 02 3S7Q-9K546-AA EJDR00202Z 3
115hp Nov 02-Jun 03 3S7Q-9K546-AB EJDR00402Z 3
115hp Manual Trns Jun 03- 3S7Q-9K546-CB EJDR00502Z 3
115hp Auto Trns & Man repair Jun 03- 3S7Q-9K546-BB EJDR00501Z 3
115hp Sep 03- 4S7Q-PK546-BD EJDR00504Z 4
115hp Feb 06- 6S7Q-9K546-BA EJDR00801D 4
130hp Oct 01-Jan 03 2S7Q-9K546-AJ EJDR00301Z 3
130hp Jan 03-Jun 03 2C1Q-9K546-BA EJDR01001D 3
130hp Jun 03- 3S7Q-9K546-BB EJDR00501Z 3
125hp Sep 03- 4S7Q-PK546-BD EJDR00504Z 4
125hp Feb 06- 6S7Q-9K546-BA EJDR00801D 4
155hp Aug 04- 5S7Q-9K546-AB EJDR00601D 3
152hp Aug 05- 6S7Q-9K546-AA EJDR00701D 4

Below is a plot of the injected fuel volume of four of the common injector types for comparison.

The table shows the test point rail pressures and injection pulse widths:

Idle Light Load Mid Range Mid Range Max Fuel
250 bar 400 bar 800 bar 1200 bar 1600 bar
700 uS 600 uS 600 uS 1200 uS 1600 uS

Fuel Injected3.jpg

Detecting Injector Faults See: Injector Leak-Off Test

How to Change Injectors This article has video demonstrations of changing injectors and programming them with the TRW tool. My advice when changing injectors is to only change one at a time and then re-start the engine after each change. This should help to minimise the problem of bleeding air from the system.