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Coming/leaving home lights

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The Ford Mondeo hit our roads in 1993, and has consistently been a sales success. Now on its 4th incarnation, it remains a drivers favourite.
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Overview Guide
Ford Model: Mondeo MK3
Petrol/Diesel: Petrol/Diesel
Estimated Cost: < £20
Difficulty? Easy/Medium
How long does this take? ?

Coming/leaving home lights for your Mondeo

Info & disclaimer

I take no responsibility on these instructions and if you try to do this your all on your own.

I'm using an aftermarket DRL set (see: link) in place of OEM foglights as coming/leaving home lights so there probably is a difference in current needed to run these compared to fogs. I made this mod to 2005 ST220 with automatic headlights (switch with "auto" position) and footwell lights which are both used for wiring in mod so there may be a difference in your wiring.

Parts required

  1. DEI 528T pulse timer relay (see: link)
  2. Standard automotive SPDT relay
  3. Some wiring
  4. 1 diode
  5. Some basic tools, screwdrivers (philips + torx), wire cutters etc.


Opening up

  1. First step is to remove the panel under the steering wheel. Do this by first removing the coinholder box from under the headlight switch, remove the box by opening it and pulling it from under and then sliding it out. Next remove three Torx-head screws (T20 or T25) from below the panel under the steering wheel. Remove two screws (Philips) from behind the box you've just removed. Panel is now hanging in its place by one clip. Just pull the panel out, but be careful with interior temperature sensor. Remove the sensor and throw the panel out of the way.
  2. Next step is to remove the headlight switch. This is done by putting your hand behind the switch where you'll find one clip on top of the switch and another one below the switch. Push the clips towards each other and push the switch out. Clip out the wiring plug and throw the switch out of the way.


I trust that anyone doing this mod, uses a multimeter to check that instructions below are correct and that they use a proper method to do the wiring (solder, splice connectors or what ever you see fit)

  1. Locate PIN8 on the headlight switch. This should have ignition live (use a multimeter to check that there is +12V only when ignition is on)
  2. Take the SPDT relay and pull a wire from Pin 8 on the headlight switch to SPDT pin 85
  3. Find a permanent live wire, I used the one coming to footwell lights. Remeber that this will give the power to your coming/leaving home lights, so when using OEM fogs, make sure that you take this from behind a large enough fuse. Pull this wire to pin 30 of your SPDT.
  4. Take your 528T and pull the red (+12V) and yellow (Com 30) to SPDT pin 87a.
  5. Pull the brown wire from your 528T pin 87 to your fogs +. I don't know where this can be located, since I didn't touch the OEM fogs wiring. If you want to be sure, you should take an extra SPDT and make a separate circuit for fogs (use the brown wire only as a trigger and get the power directly from battery with a fuse). But as everything seemed to work fine for me, I didn't bother to do this...
  6. Take the black/white wire from 528T (trigger input) and pull it to footwell ground wire, place a diode with the anode towards 528T and cathode (usually the end with the white band round) towards footwell lights. (This wire is connected to ground when ever the footwell lights are on).
  7. Locate a good ground point and connect SPDT pin 86 and 528T black wire (Ground) to this ground point.
  8. Secure all open wires and connections.
  9. Test that everything works and adjust the on time for 528T if needed.

Closing up

  1. Find a good place for your relays and secure them there. I have an LHD car, so can't really help you there. I actually put everything behind the clovebox because I first planned to use GEM for a trigger pulse instead of the footwell lighting.
  2. Put the headlight switch connector back and place the switch back.
  3. Put the panel back under the steering wheel.

How it works



Thanks for help with this mod goes to 4titx at