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Camshaft Sensor Replacement

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Camshaft Sensor Replacement


Disclaimer: As we live in a litigious world I have to make it clear that no guarantee or warranties are expressed or implied, you follow this guide entirely at your own risk. If you, your car, or any 3rd party is damaged as a consequence of following this guide that is not my responsibility. Hope that is clear!


Black sensors were faulty ones and ideally should be replaced with grey ones as a precaution, even if the problem doesn't exist.

Please remember that although it is advisable to disconnect the battery, it isn't a necessity. Remember that if you do disconnect your battery, please make sure that you have your radio codes to hand.

Tools Required.

Replacement grey camshaft sensor & a 8 or 10 mm socket (I can't remember which it is off hand)


Location of Camshaft Position Sensor


Unscrew the bolt and pull the old sensor out


Old vs New Sensor


Installation of the new sensor

Installation of the new sensor is the reverse procedure of removal