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Brake Light (Hi-Level) - fitting (Mondeo Mk1)

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The Ford Mondeo hit our roads in 1993, and has consistently been a sales success. Now on its 4th incarnation, it remains a drivers favourite.
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Fitting a Mk2 Hi-Level (3rd) Brake Light to a Mk1


This covers fitting & wiring a Mondeo Mk2 3rd light assembly to a Mk1 hatchback. So this procedure doesn't cover a 3rd light conversion of Mk1 saloons. However, I'm sure the method for saloon fitment is similar.

The Mk2 third light has fixing bracketry behind the 3rd light housing. So, the best way to fit a 3rd light to a Mk1 (hatch) is to get the bracket off a Mk2 (perhaps from your local scrappy). Alternatively, make them, as per the procedure below).

Read this procedure fully before starting this modification.


3rd Light Fixings

Make or obtain 2 metal plates - 3cm x 14cm. Get a couple of 2cm long self-tapping screws, then snip off the sharp point on each. (these will be used to screw the 3rd light in to the plates). Drill a hole (slightly smaller than the screws) towards one end of each plate. (This will be what you screw the 3rd light to). Paint the plates black. (This will make them 'invisible when looking at the light from the outside). Remove the upper tailgate trim. You will be able to then fix these plates to the tailgate metalwork. Temporarily screw the 3rd light to the plates, (you may need to trim the screws down more), then offer up the whole assembly to where it will sit on the tailgate. Mark the tailgate where the plate-ends meet. (you may need to bend the plates a little to get the correct fit). Remove plates and fix them to the tailgate, compensate for the trim going back. (I used Araldite epoxy, whilst holding the plates in-place over night by taping them to the glass with something to provide a spacer between the glass & plates). Before fitting the trim back, you may need to cut off its centre bulge.

3rd Light Electrics.

Obtain a length of 2-core flex, approx 2+ meters long. The stuff used for table lamps is ideal. Strip back one end of the outer sheath by about 5cm, then strip the sheath of each wire end by about 2cm. If the two wires have stranded conductors, twist each of the stranded wires (separately) in order to make the end of each wire more rigid. Repeat this for the cut end of the wire & plug, which should be supplied with the 3rd light. Splice both cables together. I twisted the respective ends together (noting what wire colours were spliced together). Using electrical tape; a) insulate each individual joint; then b) tape the complete joint (for strength). Fold & stow the rear seats down. Then remove, or pull back by approx 5cm, the rear face of either the left or right pillar trim panel (the one in between the rear door & tailgate) . Along the area where the upper tailgate trim was, run the cable from the site for the 3rd light using spots superglue to hold the cable in-place to the desired side of the car chosen for the cable run to. Then paqrtially screw the 3rd light housing to the brackets. Loop the cable towards the pillar trim (4. above). Run the cable downwards towards the start of the plastic trim that the parcel shelf fixes to. Going rearwards, tuck the cable in this trim until you get to a point where it can go underneath and towards the access hole for the tail light. Open the little door to access the light cluster's plug. Pull the holding clip out (don't remove), until the plug detaches from the socket. Strip & twist the 3rd light cable, as per 2. (above). At the cluster's plug, the EARTH on my Mk1 was the BLACK wire, the brake light positive was BLACK with a VIOLET stripe. You may want to consult a workshop manual, and/or use a multi-meter in order to find the conductor for the rear brake light. Trim each twisted core of the 3rd light wires to about 1cm. In the direction of the car's wiring that goes to the plug, push up into the respective conductor (as above) until there is a sound fit, test 3rd light then tape the new wires to the existing loom for strength. <<< OR >>> Splice each wire to the cluster loom with the little blue scotch in line snap connectors. I did the first method. Carefully, refit the upper tailgate trim, then screw-in the 3rd light housing fully (don't over-tighten tho).