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Bomz Air Induction Kit (Mondeo Mk1/2/3, Focus Mk1/2)

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Overview Guide
Ford Model: Mondeo/Focus
Petrol/Diesel: ???
Estimated Cost: ???
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Bomz Air Induction Kit


I thought I would have a go at writing this as fitting an air indutcion kit to a Zetec engine seems to be a highly popular mod. Not only will it enable the front end of the engine to breathe easier, but it will also induce a big smile as you put your foot down...

There seem to be a few variants of the Bomz kit, so there is no generic instruction set, but hopefully you'll get the drift from this...


  • A Bomz induction kit for a Focus Zetec engine
  • A Pipercross mini-filter (depending upon the Bomz kit variant you have)
  • Craft drill kit
  • Cable ties
  • Cap from an aerosol can
  • Araldite
  • Standard tools (Socket set, screwdrivers, spanners, etc)
  • Washing up liquid


  • Unscrew the jubilee clips retaining the resonator box/cold air sensor assembly and MAF housing
  • Remove the resonator from its mount at the front of the engine bay
  • Carefully unscrew the air temp sensor from the resonator housing
  • Take the housing and use a cutting wheel on the craft drill to remove the resonator extension. File away any loose bits of plastic. Note that you will need to leave a lip of approximately 2-3mm, so avoid making the cut absolutely flush with the rest of the housing
  • Take the cap from the aerosol and file out a crescent shape so that when mounted on the lip mentioned above it is relatively flush with the rest of the housing. I found that the cap from a tin of Halford's spray paint is virtually a perfect fit
  • When satisfied with the overall fit of the filed-down cap, glue it in place using the Araldite
  • Once the glue has set, the air temp sensor can be screwed back into the housing
  • Remove the plenum chamber from the top of the throttle body. You will need a 10mm socket for this
  • Disconnect the crankcase pipe from the underside of the plenum chamber
  • Remove the air filter cover and separate the air filter holder from the cold air feed on the inside of the wing
  • Remove the air filter itself. The air filter holder can be eased off by rocking it from side to side and lifting - it is not held in place by any screws or bolts
  • Disconnect the rocker cover vent from the rocker cover

DSC 0060.jpg

Aerosol cap on the air temp sensor housing

Fitting the Bomz Kit

  • Smear a little washing up liquid on the inside of the blue rubber elbow and ease it over the top of the throttle body. Secure it with a jubilee clip
  • Attach the supplied aluminium pipe to the blue elbow
  • Attach the rocker cover vent to the aluminium pipe using the blue hose supplied
  • If the blue elbow has a hole in it, fill it with the crankcase breather pipe. If it doesn't, you will have to attach the breather pipe to the Pipercross mini-filter, which will also need to be secured
  • Connect the air temp housing (with the aerosol cap) to the aluminium pipe
  • Connect the MAF pipe to the air temp housing
  • On the kit that I bought, the filter cone and MAF pipe were the same size, so one end needed to be reduced. I ended up using Araldite to glue the blue adaptor ring to the filter cone and then attached this whole assembly to the MAF housing

DSC 0058.jpg

Pipercross filter on the crankcase pipe and the elbow on the throttle body

DSC 0059.jpg

The whole assembly just about fits into the engine bay with about 1" between the end of the cone and the cold air feed in the wing.