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Black Eyes

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The Ford Mondeo hit our roads in 1993, and has consistently been a sales success. Now on its 4th incarnation, it remains a drivers favourite.
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Ford Model: Mondeo
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Black Eyes - Mondeo Mk3


I've had a number of PT's now or emails asking me how i did my headlights, so ive decided to post this how to seeing as how nobody else has. (lazy meggers! ) Its a relativley straightforward job to do, but takes a bit of long winded explaining so bear with me!

Get Started

Remove the headlights. To do this simply undo the two twist clips that hold the grill in place and remove. Then lift out the two tabs on each headlight, disconnect the wiring plug and remove the headlight. Undo the retaining clips around the headlight. Using a hairdryer heat up the seal all the way around the headlight. This will make it easier to remove the lense, although it will come off without doing this. Gently but firmly prise the lense away from the main body of the headlight.

NOTE: Under no circumstances must you touch the two chrome lights themselves inside. Even something as soft as tissue paper will leave a mark and they cannot be re chromed once damaged.

There are two small torx screws that hold the chrome suround in place, one at the top and one behind the sidelight lense. Remove these and the surround will come away. Rub down the surface of the surround thoroughly with a scotchpad to key the surface for paint. Which paint you use is up to you. Some people have used plastic paints, and some people like me have used regular Halfords spray paint. It is also your choice as to what colour you paint them i suppose, but as they are called blackeyes, you will need grey primer and satin (matt) black. (1-2 tins of each) Give at least two good coats of primer and at least the same again with the black. Refitting the surround once dry is a reverse of the removal procedure.

Before refitting the lense it is essential you give it a clean inside. This is best done using alcohol wipes like the ones you use to clean the inside of your windscreen. You dont want to finish the job only to find you've left fingermarks on the inside, only a complete pratt would do that!!

There are also a couple of options with the indicator lenses. You can either tint them, remove them, or borrow some clear ones from a caravan or trailer.

To refit the lense you need to decide what type of sealant you are going to use. Basically as long as its waterproof and seals anything goes. Gasket sealer and clear silicone sealant are among the favourites. Apply a bead of your chosen sealant all the way around the headlight main body where the lense sits. Not too thick mind or you'll be wiping off the excess which can be messy, but not so thin that it wont seal properly. Refit lense and reattatch all clips and retainers, then allow to dry for a good few hours. (overnight would be best)

Refit the headlights and stand back to admire your handywork!! Can sometimes be quite awkward but well worth it once your finished!!

1171494018-silverangel.jpg 1171494038-sandedangel.jpg 1171494055-primerangel.jpg 1171494333-blkangel.jpg