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Auto Rear Wiper When In Reverse

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If you already have this feature then adding this mod will do nothing apart from upset the rear wiper & mean it wont stop properly ( it will stop wherever it feels like doing so as it sweeps the window )

If you add this modification & the GEM decides to start working again & takes back control of the Auto reverse wiper then follow the details of deactivation & alternative use found later on.


Heres a diagram with a quick layout for the mod ( its easier than it looks )

Mk3 Auto Rear Wiper Wiring Diagram.jpg

the connection C501 you need is shown in the following image

Glovebox relays.jpg

Fusebox rear.jpg

The connection C31 is the blue connector at the top of the grey section clipped to the side of the fusebox.

The connection C30 is the brown connector at the very bottom of the same grey section clipped to the side of the fusebox.

I used connections from a scrapped mondy dashboard loom to create small patch leads so that i did not cut into the existing dash loom & it also means that the mod is 100% removable

for the ground(s) i linked all 3 ground together on the relays & then had a single ground wire leading to a suitable ground point ( i chose the bolt behind the lower dash side panel but there are many locations to choose from around the fusebox area )


Should you ever need to then you can disable this mod by removing the reverse light wire feed to the relay all the rest of the connections will then become inactive as such

Alternative Use

If the GEM unit takes back control of the Auto reverse function then you can use the above mod to enable the rear wiper to mimic the front wipers on most functions you simply connect the reverse light wire to a suitable ignition live connection ( preferably a switched source so you can control when it mimics the front wipers ( its especially useful on the estates to enable contant mode as the factory intermittent on the estates is useless if the road ur on is wet  :} )

Alternative Use Limitations

The rear wiper motor is not able to fully mimic the front wipers but it can do a decent enough job.

Its main limit is it cant copy the full speed of the front wipers ( it will just swipe away @ its own speed )

It may also struggle with the intermittent wipe if the speed is set to a small delay as it may miss a wipe every now & then when the front wipers move again before the rear wiper gets to the end of its previous swipe.