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Alternator Fix

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Alternator Fix


I have been reading with interest the problems people have had with their alternators, as mine had nearly given up the ghost - battery light started to flicker above 2500rpm and gradually getting worse... I even had it checked at a local motor factor Keulen (Boxmeer) and it was pumping out -13.5v. Later that day I was only getting -12.3v.

Trying to get a new bush pack in Holland from the Ford garage is a joke - they just smiled at me and told me it was not available. I expect they wanted me to buy a new alternator. Also the normal companies such a Halfords didnt stock the bush pack. One of them pointed me toward a company that speacialises in Alternators and the like. Bingo! 17 Euros lighter and everyone is happy! But what I cant understand is from what I have read on the forum, everyone seems to be just replacing their alternators for 200-300 quid. I paid about £12.50 and got the same result! So do yourself a favour if you have a knackered alternator... find a company that sevices them, or maybe halfords in the UK will sell you a bush pack!


  • Buy a set of torque drives
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Remove the intercooler (on a TD)
  • Unclip the plug on the alternator
  • Undo the 4 outermost torque screws on the regulator housing
  • Remove the bush pack from the housing, which is held in with 2 longer torque screws
  • Replace with new bush pack, then above in reverse to get it all back togeather.

20 minutes work tops and you have saved yourself over 200 quid!