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Acronyms and Abbreviations

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List of most commonly used car-related and Ford-specific acronyms and abbreviations.

Compiled and supplemented on the basis of information provided by members of (former in this and many other forum threads.

Acronyms and abbreviations

Up to G

4WD: Four Wheel Drive

ABS: Anti-lock Braking System

AC: Air Conditioning

ACC: Adaptive Cruise Control

ACM: Audio Command Module

AFS: Adaptive Front [Lighting] System

AJB: Auxiliary Junction Box - another name for footwell fuse box

APP: Accelerator Pedal Position [sensor]

ARB: Anti Roll Bar

AWD: All Wheel Drive

AWS: Auxiliary Warning System

BARO: Barometric Pressure [sensor]

BHP: Brake Horse Power (also known as “bhp” or “mechanical horsepower”) - a unit of engine power commonly used by UK motoring press. bhp = PS x 0,9864

BPP: Brake Pedal Position [switch]

BT/VC: Bluetooth / Voice Control

CAN: Controller Area Network [vehicle bus]

CAT: Catalytic Converter

CCC: Central Car Configuration

CCD: Continuously Controlled Damping. "IVDC/CCD" is another name for VDS

CKP: Crankshaft Position [sensor]

C/L: Central Locking

CMP: Camshaft Position [sensor]

CPP: Clutch Pedal Position [switch]

CV: Constant Velocity [joint]

DAB: Digital Audio Broadcast

DDM: Driver Door Module

DEATC: Dual-zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control

DERV: Diesel Engine Road Vehicle

DOHC: Double Overhead Camshaft

DoT: Department of Transport

DPF: Diesel Particulate Filter

DRL: Daytime Running Lamps

DTC: Diagnostic Trouble Code

DTE: Distance To Empty [fuel tank]

EATC: Electronic Automatic Temperature Control

EBA: Emergency Brake Assist

EBD: Electronic Brake [force] Distribution

ECT: Engine Coolant Temperature [sensor]

ECU: Engine Control Unit - another name for PCM

EFI: Electronic Fuel Injection

EGR: Exhaust Gas Recirculation

EHPAS: Electro-Hydraulic Power-Assisted Steering

EJB: Engine Junction Box - another name for engine compartment fuse box

E/M: Electric Mirrors

EOP: Engine Oil Pressure [switch]

EPB: Electr[on]ic Parking Brake

ESCL: Electric Steering Column Lock

ESP: Electronic Stability Program

ET: Einpresstiefe (German for "wheel offset"). Wheel offset - distance between the wheel centreline and the wheel mounting face

ETIS: online Technical Information and Services website from Ford, also known as "FordEtis"

FA: Forward Alert

FAP: Ford Asia Pacific

FFV: Flexi-Fuel Vehicle - e.g., Mk4 Mondeo 2.0 Duratec-HE running on petrol and/or ethanol E85

FINIS: Ford International Numeric Identification System

FRP: Fuel Rail Pressure [sensor]

FWD: Front Wheel Drive

GEM: Generic Electronic Module - serves as a gateway between HS CAN and MS CAN

GND: ground (In electric circuits)

GPS: Global Positioning System

H to O

HCU: Hydraulic Control Unit - controls the ABS

HEC: Hybrid Electronic Cluster - another name for instrument cluster, also known as ICM

HEGO : Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen [sensor] - another name for a Lambda sensor

HGV: Heavy Goods Vehicle - see "LGV".

HID: High Intensity Discharge

HLA: Hill Launch Assist

HMI: Human-Machine Interface

HS CAN: High-Speed Controller Area Network [vehicle bus]

IACV: Idle Air Control Valve

IAT: Intake Air Temperature [sensor]

ICM: Instrument Cluster Module - another name for instrument cluster, also known as HEC

ICV: Idle Control Valve

IDS: Intelligent Diagnostic System

IMRC: Intake Manifold Runner Control

IMT: Intake Manifold Tuning [valve]

IPC: Instrument Panel Controls

IVDC: Interactive Vehicle Dynamic Control. "IVDC/CCD" is another name for VDS

KPH: Kilometres Per Hour (also known as “km/h”)

KS: Knock Sensor

LCM: Lighting Control Module

LGV: Large Goods Vehicle (also known as “HGV”) - category N2 and N3 vehicle with a maximum allowed mass over 3,5 tonnes, commonly used for transporting goods and materials. Commonly also referred to as "lorry" or "truck". Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) is a term which formally substitutes the former term Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV).

LIM: Lower Inlet Manifold

LIN: Local Interconnect Network [vehicle bus] - control module subnetwork

LHD: Left Hand Drive [vehicle] – "Left" refers to placement of steering wheel in the vehicle, as seen whilst sitting in the vehicle and looking forwards. LHD vehicles are used in countries with RHT (e.g., in mainland Europe and elsewhere).

LHT: Left Hand Traffic - bidirectional traffic in countries where traffic flow keeps to the left side of the road, as seen whilst sitting in the vehicle and looking forwards (e.g., in AU, IRL, NZ, UK and elsewhere). LHT countries use RHD vehicles.

LPG: Liquified Petroleum Gas

MAF: Mass Air Flow [sensor]

MAPT: Manifold Absolute Pressure and Temperature [sensor]

MCN: Module Communications Network

MIL: Malfunction Indicator Lamp

MM CAN: Multimedia Controller Area Network [vehicle bus]

MOT: Ministry Of Transport (annual statutory test for cars and motorcycles)

MPG: Miles Per Gallon

MPH: Miles Per Hour

MS CAN: Mid-Speed Controller Area Network [vehicle bus]

MY: Model Year

Nm: Newton Metres

N/S: Near Side - Left Hand side of car

N/S/F: Near Side Front

N/S/R: Near Side Rear

OBD I / OBD II: OnBoard Diagnostics (Version I or II)

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM parts, as opposed to aftermarket, have guaranteed conformity with car manufacturer's standards. OEM parts are made either by OEM Suppliers (e.g., Bosch, Visteon, Aisin etc.) or by car maker's own sub-brand manufacturers (e.g., Ford's "Motorcraft"). According to general concept, OEM parts are: [1] factory-installed as standard components that are also [2] retailed in car maker-branded packaging (e.g., Bosch part in Ford packaging). In common use of term, people tend to add another meaning - [3] OEM Supplier-made parts retailed in OEM Supplier-branded packaging, which is allegedly wrong use of term. [2] may or may not have car manufacturer's name on the part body. [3] may be exact equivalent of [1] and [2].

O/S: Off Side - Right Hand side of car

O/S/F: Off Side Front

O/S/R: Off Side Rear

P to Z

PAD: Passenger Air bag Deactivation [switch] – part of SRS

PAS: Power Assisted Steering

PATS: Passive Anti-Theft System

PCD: Pitch Circle Diameter [of the wheel] - diameter of a circle drawn through the centre of wheel bolt holes. PCD is measured in mm and also indicates the number of studs or bolts.

PCM: Powertrain Control Module - another name for ECU

PCV: Positive Crankcase Ventilation [valve]

PDC: Park Distance Control

PS: Pferdestärke (German for "horse power", also known as “metric horsepower”) - a unit of engine power commonly used in Europe, South America and Japan, especially by the automotive and motorcycle industry. PS = bhp x 1,0139

PSP: Power Steering Pressure [switch]

PWM: Pulse-Width Modulation

RCM: Restraints Control Module – part of SRS

RFT: Run-Flat Tyre

RHD: Right Hand Drive [vehicle] – "Right" refers to placement of steering wheel in the vehicle, as seen whilst sitting in the vehicle and looking forwards. RHD vehicles are used in countries with LHT (e.g., in AU, IRL, NZ, UK and elsewhere)

RHT: Right Rand Traffic - bidirectional traffic in countries where traffic flow keeps to the right side of the road, as seen whilst sitting in the vehicle and looking forwards (e.g., in mainland Europe and elsewhere). RHT countries use LHD vehicles.

RJB: Rear Junction Box - another name for rear fuse box

RKE: Remote Keyless Entry - system where unlocking is done manually via remote. Not to be confused with Keyless Vehicle System where unlocking is done by pulling an exterior door handle.

RSAP: Rallye Sport Appearance Pack

RWD: Rear Wheel Drive

SATC: Semi Automatic Temperature Control

SFI: Sequential Fuel Injection

SOHC: Single Overhead Camshaft

SRM: Speech Recognition Module

SRS: Supplemental Restraint System – controls air bags, safety belts and sensors involved

S/S: Stainless Steel

TCM: Transmission Control Module

TCS: Traction Control System

TDC: Top Dead Center

TDCi: Turbocharged Diesel Common-Rail Injection

TDdi: Turbocharged Diesel Direct Injection

Ti-VCT: Twin independent Variable Camshaft Timing

TPMS: Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

TPS: Throttle Position Sensor

TSB: Technical Service Bulletin

UIM: Upper Inlet Manifold

V5: Vehicle Registration Document

VCT: Variable Camshaft Timing

VDS: Vehicle Dynamic Suspension - another name for IVDC/CCD

VED: Vehicle Excise Duty

VIC: Vehicle Identification Check

VIN: Vehicle Identification Number

VSS: Vehicle Speed Sensor

VVT: Variable Valve Timing

WHP: Wheel Horse Power

Abbreviations of colours in Ford wiring diagrams

BK: Black

BN: Brown

BU: Blue

GN: Green

GY: Gray

LG: Light green

NA: Natural (transparent?)

OG: Orange

PK: Pink

RD: Red

SR: Silver

VT: Violet

WH: White

YE: Yellow

In case of two-colour wires, 1st is the dominant base colour and 2nd is the colour of thin stripes along sides of the wire. For instance, “BK/WH” is a black wire with thin white stripe, meanwhile “WH/BK” is a white wire with thin black stripe.