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Stainless steel manifold Zetec E

Revision as of 18:26, 14 July 2009 by Morbidos (Talk | contribs)

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Here's a "How-to" mount the Focus Stainless steel exhaust manifold on the mondeo Mk1 2.0 Zetec E engine

1. Remove the cat. 2 nuts rear and 2 in front. 2. Remove the old cast iron manifold (11 nuts). 3. Clean the head with sandpaper around the Exhaust ports. 4. Test mount the manifold and realize it don't fit the silvertop. 5. Cut the pipes right before the bend. 6. turn the bend towards syl. 1 and weld them together, you'll need to figure out how on your own, as you see I cut parts of 2 pipes and welded the remaining then I cut new parts to fit in the other two and welded them in place 7. Cut of the pipe after the bend and weld on the supplyed pipe with a bend as seen here so that the bend goes around the corner of the oil sump like the original pipe 8. Fit the rest of the pipes to your own likeing and weld it up good. 9. You will need to either re-route the water pipe that runs over the original manifold, will update when done, for now i just spaced it with some copper tubes and a old hose. 10. Weld a bolt into the little pipe going from syl. 2 to EGR...

Tip: water test the welds by filling the parts with water.

Will update with pictures ASAP