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Welcome to,
the free Ford encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Here you will find how-to's and articles on all models of Ford.
There are 442 articles about maintaining / modifying your Ford.
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the free Ford encyclopedia.
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Welcome to FordWiki, which is an online encyclopedia created by fellow Ford owners. Anyone can submit information, hints, tips or create their own how-to pages, simply by registering. FordWiki is run by, and is supported by STdriveRS (

The purpose of the FordWiki is to have a one-stop collection of how-to articles, and have these sorted under a fairly simple set of categories. If you know how to do something you think others may find useful, you're more than welcome to write and categorize an article about it here. Please try to contribute with information.

We hope all users and members from participating clubs will help develop fordwiki into a reputable database that contains a wealth of knowledge for all Ford owners, check out all the very useful articles that have been submitted to date. Adding new articles is very easy and gives access straight away to visiting users. We thank you in advance for your time and effort in submitting articles to

It is not associated in any way with Ford Motor Company Limited or its subsidiaries.

This is not a support forum

Fordwiki isn't a platform for asking questions. It is simply an online, user-editable encyclopedia. If you require assistance with your vehicle, we suggest you register at one of the supporting websites and ask your question on their forums.

How does it work?

Everything in this Wiki can be created and/or edited by you. It's the exact same software as used by the famous Wikipedia, the online encylopedia.

To get started, you can read our brief guide, or go to the test page, where you can edit, play with, and learn how to do things.

Alternatively, if you wish to submit some information, but don't know how to, you can simply email it to [email protected]

Help Us! is a user editable encylopedia. Anyone who has registered can add or improve articles within this site. It is a collaboration between many existing Ford websites, with the end aim to help all Ford owners to service, maintain and improve their vehicles. To do this, we require information! And lots of it! Over the course of many years, people learn a great deal of hints and tips, with various procedures to carry out routine tasks. If everyone contributed just one piece of information, the wiki would be crammed full of useful nuggets which would help everyone. It's simple to add information, just follow this simple step by step guide.

Wiki away!!