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== Introduction ==
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Welcome to the Ford Technical Wiki, the replacement for the old MEG Workshop.
Welcome to the Ford Technical Wiki, the replacement for the old MEG Workshop.

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Welcome to the Ford Technical Wiki, the replacement for the old MEG Workshop.

This Wiki contains information on the Ford Mondeo, and the Ford ST range of performance vehicles.

The old MEG Workshop is no longer accessible.

How does it work?

Everything in this Wiki can be created and/or edited by you. It's the exact same software as used by the famous Wikipedia[1], the online encylopedia.

To get started you can view our brief guide Wiki_howto

Click here for a page which you can edit, play with, learn how to do things.

It's a work in progress

We should have all the old workshop 'How-to's transferred now but if you think we have missed any then feel free to add it in, that's the idea!

We are all getting the hang of the strange wiki ways.

Bear with us, or roll up those sleeves and help, use the Guide above on how to add an article and have some fun.

Wiki away!!


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