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Handbrake Warning Light - Mk1/Mk2


If the Handbrake Warning Light fails to illuminate when the handbrake is engaged, it is going to be one of two things...

Either the bulb in the dash has died, or There is some dirt in the handbrake switch itself on the electrical contacts.

In the case of bulb in the dash having died, you will have to remove the clock surround and access the bulbs.

If, however, the switch has failed, it should be easy enough to fix, although you may need some compressed air or silicone switch cleaner spray.


The switch itself is activated by the handbrake lever pushing or releasing a plunger which makes or breaks an electrical contact Remove the coin holder from the center console near the handbrake lever Using a tin of compressed air and a nozzle (usually available from a photographic store such as Jessops), you should be able to blast any dirt off the switch by placing the nozzle in the hole where the coin holder was Switch the engine on and with the footbrake applied, engage and disengage the handbrake a few times If the light still refuses to come on, you may need to use some silicon spray. This is preferable to WD40, which leaves a residue and should not really be used on electrical contacts. Make sure you open the car windows though - silicone spray is not particularly pleasant if you inhale it!

Submitted by chrisw