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Door Cards - Removal

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How to Remove the Door Cards From A Mk3


They are very straight forward, but before you try, I suggest that you visit your local dealer and get a few replacement covers for the screw in the mirror cover and also for the screws in the door levers.


Remove screw covers on mirror cover and door lever Using a credit card or similar, push the door pull insert toward the door, and remove. Remove philips screw from mirror cover, and remove mirror cover Remove TORX screw from door lever surround Remove philips screw (2 in front doors, 1 in rear doors) from door pull. Remove philips screws from around the door, I think there are six on front doors and 5 on rears, but am not certain.

Think that should do it, it is pretty easy.

Window switches are clipped in from behind, when you replace them make sure you get all clips to catch, as it is a real bugger to have to remove the door panel again when you haven't got one of them in and the switch starts dipping at the unsecured end.

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