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Automatic boot opening Mondeo Mk3

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Towbar fitting

Automatic boot opening

First thing first you will need a pair of compression spring. I've ordered mine online from, stock number ST51740. Alternativelly you can find them by dimensions:
Dh Min. hole 19.05 mm
Dd Max shaft 9.52 mm
L0 Free length 114.30 mm
R Spring constant 11.20 N/mm
S1 Optimal service life at F1 28.58 mm
L1 Length at F1 85.73 mm
F1 Force in N at S1 320.00
Sn Max travel 53.72 mm
Ln Max loaded length 60.58 mm
Fn Max force 602.00 N

Required tools : flat head screw driver, G-clamp, 2xcompression springs, 2 heat shrink tubes (20mm diameter)
Step 1:
Remove boot gas struts by pulling back the retaining clasp. carefull not to remove it completely, just pull them backwards and slide them towards the end. One gas strut is not powerful enough to sustain the tailgate so careful not to get hurt.
Step 2:
Once removed the gas strut use a G-clamp to hold it tight. Photo1.JPG
Step 3:
Use a tubular shaped tool that would fit the hole in the head of the gas strut( I've used the hand from a set of Allen keys).

Unscrew the head.
Step 3:
Fit the compression spring and the heat shrink tube.

Step 4:
Screw back the head of the gas strut.
Step 5:
Fit the gas strut on the tailgate and use a lighter to shrink the tube.