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Automatic boot opening Mondeo Mk3

Revision as of 17:31, 23 May 2011 by Paul Cretu (Talk | contribs)

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Towbar fitting

Automatic boot opening

First thing first you will need a pair of compression spring. I've ordered mine online from, stock number ST51740. Alternativelly you can find them by dimensions:
Dh Min. hole 19.05 mm
Dd Max shaft 9.52 mm
L0 Free length 114.30 mm
R Spring constant 11.20 N/mm
S1 Optimal service life at F1 28.58 mm
L1 Length at F1 85.73 mm
F1 Force in N at S1 320.00
Sn Max travel 53.72 mm
Ln Max loaded length 60.58 mm
Fn Max force 602.00 N