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Touchscreen Sat Nav Pre Facelift - Retro Fitting

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The Ford Mondeo hit our roads in 1993, and has consistently been a sales success. Now on its 4th incarnation, it remains a drivers favourite.
For more information, visit the Ford Mondeo forum on, the definitive resource site covering all Fords from the present day to the 1970's.

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Overview Guide
Ford Model: Mondeo
Petrol/Diesel: ????
Estimated Cost: ????
Difficulty? ????
How long does this take? ????

Once upon a time......

Stuff that, its not a fairy tale, it can be a nightmare if you are going in 'blind' with this install. There are components to source, wiring, CAN BUS issues, blower motor issues etc etc etc.. BUT... its not impossible.

You can just go out and buy a Tom Tom, there is no doubting that todays Sat Navs are very good at what they do. Route Guidance, finding the nearest branch of the Salvation Army, bluetooth connection and all the other wonderful stuff they do but at the end of the day its a device to get you from A to B, thats it... Sure you can opt for an all singing and all dancing model but the Wright Brothers built a plane so that man can fly, and get from A to B. Remember Airwolf? Same principle, lots of gadgets and lots of guns n stuff, but so complex that it needed a co pilot just to help him play with all the toys.. but it still got them from A to B.

The Standalone Sat Nav is really a pioneering invention, with more and more motorists opting to buy one as they are portable, easy to use and practical.

On the other end of the technological spectrum is the owner who wants more of the 'Factory Fit' look, without little rings on the windscreen and a dozen gadgets obscuring the view of the road ahead. This is where the factory fit or retro fit Sat Navs come into play.

They started with the RNS1 and RNS2 systems fitted to the early Fords, then onto the Travelpilot, the color screen 9000 VNR then onto the more sophisticated and asthetic 'eye candy' that is the Denso Touchscreen System.

Using a large touchscreen interface, mated up to built in climate controls within the unit, running from a DVD ROM in the boot area that utilises a DVD map disc covering the whole of Europe. The Head unit is MP3 compatible, thus negating the need for a separate 6 disc changer in the boot although some owners would prefer both. Rear Seat Entertainment package is also available that gives DVD Screens and audio/cd access to the rear. The later systems on the last of the Mk3's also had bluetooth connectivity and voice control as an option. Something that i, personally, think is a waste of time (err hmmm), therefore should you have one in your car, rip it out and give it to me, you know you want to...

Right, down to the basics..

This How To is based on a car with EATC - Facelift Version

Equipment needed..

30 gallon drum of patience

Touchscreen Unit




Climate Control Unit

CD / Radio Unit


Complete Wiring Loom for the Sat Nav


DVD Boot Trim


Other Items you will need..

New Centre Console

GPS Aerial & Lead

Now assumuing that you have all the parts you require you will now need to remove your old audio setup, centre console and ariel.

Climate Control

Models with EATC - Facelift Only

Direct replacement is ok. No wiring modifications required.

Models with Manual ETC

You will require flap motors (possibly) Interior Cabin sensor, sunload sensor and replacement blower motor.

Pre Facelift Models with EATC

Complete rewire of plugs C539a & C539b. Thats 26 wire changes in total. If you dont get it right then your in the poo.

Pre Facelift with Manual ETC

Dont even go there... Buy a Tom Tom or simliar

Centre Console

Remove your old centre console and replace with the new item (only when all wiring is complete. Leaving it out helps with access

DVD ROM Installation

Remove the LH wheel arch trim from the boot area. Remove the LH rear light cluster.

Install the DVD / CD Changer bracket.

Using the DVD drive cover, mark out with masking tape the section of the rear boot trim that you need to cut. This is the cheaper option as a replacement boot trim for cars with this system is about £60.

Using the masking tape as a guide, cut out the section approx 1cm INSIDE the masking tape guieline. Discard the removed carpet piece.

Install the DVD & CD Changer (if applicable)


Remove the glovebox, Centre Handbrake console, both front seats ( disconnect battery and wait at least 2 mins before disconnecting airbag wiring at the seats)

Remove the rear seat base.

Remove the NSR passenger seat bolster.

Remove the NSR C Pillar trim

Remove the carpet

Starting at the rear plug the wiring into the DVD & CD Changer. The cable run comes over the NSR Wheel arch, down past the bolster, along the inner sill, along to the passenger front seat, over to the centre console area, then along the drivers footwell. This is where the main plug - C34 - is located. A loom from your existing radio to C34 may be required, following a wiring diagram to achieve this is highly recommended.

Once all the wiring is in, tidy it up so that it resembles a factory fit install. Clips and other wiring sundries can be bought from Ford for peanuts.

Remove the OSF A pillar trim and the sunvisors. Remove the front maplights and sunroof console to gain access to the Arial. Remove and replace with the new GPS unit. Route the cable along the correct path of the old loom to behind the radio unit.

Install all the Sat Nav Components. Reconnect the battery and test the system.

Test Climate control functions, radio and CD operation, Sat Nav Operation etc..

If all is well, disconnect the battery and remove all components.

If all is not well, recheck all your wiring, including most importantly, the CAN BUS wiring which is normally colored 0.5mm GREY and 0.5mm BLUE. May also be Grey/Red and Blue/Red out of the different components.

If no power, check all fuses and power to all units.

Just as a footnote, complete system checking is NOT possible unless you have a BRAND NEW or uncoded Touchscreen display. This is because the system is VIN coded at the factory and all components go through a security checking process when powered up. This can be re pregrammed by your dealer.

Assuming that you know all components are ok then remove everything apart from the wiring and rebuild the car.

Fit the new centre console assy that will house the Touchscreen/ Radio and Climate control units.

Once all the seats, carpet and trim are reinstalled, fit the sat nav in place.

Test the system or take it to Ford for configuration.

Thats about it.. there may be some stuff i've left out but you get the general idea of whats involved.

Its so much easier with a facelift version as i've encountered and still have issues with speed pulses and blower control.

This is because the pre facelift cars still rely on a VSS input from a sensor of the gearbox, This is then processed by the ECU and sent to the rest of the car that needs that input. Strangely enough, the speedo cluster on mine does not have this feed...

The facelift cars do away with the VSS and instead use the wheel sensors via the ABS unit that has an additional CAN BUS chip to provide VSS information.

I think it 'may' be possible to plumb in a used ABS unit (electronics only) to provide the signal for the Sat Nav only but im a little concerned that it may blow up the ECU or something. Im still looking into this.

Blower Motor control is also an issue as they changed the internals from the pre to the post facelift using a different resistor setup. Im still working on this one too...

FINIS Codes and Prices (approx)

Centre Console - With DVD Nav - 1327410 - £50

DVD Cover - 1309549 - £34

DVD Bracket (LH) - 1307163 - £23

DVD Bracket (RH) - 1307165 - £23

These are the parts you will need assuming that you have everything else.

Here are the components if you DONT have everything or have bits missing -

Touchscreen Unit - 1342520 - £1450

DVD Drive - 1363750 - £1227

GPS Arial Base - 1354959 - £35

Arial Mast - 1206110 - £21

Climate Control Unit - 1365750 - £106

Radio/ CD Unit - 1384216 - £487

All prices are EX VAT. Germany is a good place to start to source, as well as the UK. If you do manage to source the parts from the UK then get as much as you can. If you are lucky enough to find a car with the bits you need then make sure you remove everything you have to.

Hope this helps...