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Ford Focus Recall History

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The Ford Focus has been Britain's best-selling new car every year since 1999, and the second generation model (on sale since the end of 2004) has just strengthened its position.
For more information, visit the Ford Focus forum on, the definitive resource site covering all Fords from the present day to the 1970's.

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Author: Monkeyra
Ford Model: Focus (All)
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Launch Date Recalls Number Model Concern VIN Start VIN End Build Start Build End
28/06/1999 R/1999/051 Focus Possible short circuit in alternator Various 01/06/1998 31/03/1999
07/10/1999 R/1999/084 Focus, Mondeo & Cougar door latch concern WB, WR & WA 03/09/1998 18/11/1998
20/03/2000 R/2000/046 Focus (1.6) engine may lose power Various 01/01/1999 31/01/2000
20/03/2000 R/2000/003 Focus oil filler cap may become loose Various 01/03/1998
20/03/2000 R/2000/048 Focus (Produced at Saarlouis and Valencia plants) restraint system may inadvertently deploy Various 15/03/1999 20/03/1999
30/05/2000 R/2000/054 Focus (with 1.6 litre engine and automatic transmission) engine may cut-out/stall Various 01/08/1999 23/02/2000
21/05/2002 R/2002/044 Focus (all models except ST170) alternator terminal concern Various 15/03/2002 26/03/2002
26/01/2004 R/2004/009 Focus RS rear brake hoses may chafe Various 06/12/2002 13/12/2002
11/04/2005 R/2005/026 Focus, Fiesta & Focus C-Max fuel return pipe leak Various 14/07/2004 22/02/2005
18/08/2005 R/2005/101 Focus & Focus C-Max wiper motor may fail and overheat Various 02/04/2003 03/03/2005
05/07/2006 R/2006/092 Focus C-Max with 1.6L diesel engine engine may fail Various 27/02/2004 28/06/2004
05/12/2007 R/2007/133 Focus, C-Max, S-Max and Galaxy in low ambient temperature hard brake pedal may occur Various 01/08/2005 28/12/2006
07/12/2007 R/2007/169 Focus CC roll over protection may fail Various
21/02/2008 R/2008/001 Focus Estate with 1.6 Ltr Diesel Engine electronic cooling fan control module may overheat Various 16/07/2004 01/12/2006
15/04/2008 R/2008/045 Focus rear hub bolt may become loose Various 21/02/2007 15/04/2007
29/07/2008 R/2008/113 Focus, C-Max, Focus CC failure of power steering hose could result in an engine bay fire Various 02/04/2008 15/05/2008
08/04/2009 R/2009/016 Focus risk of fire Various 01/06/2006 25/01/2007
21/05/2009 R/2009/050 Focus, C-Max fitted with 2.0L Duratourq TDCi Engine hard brake pedal may occur during engine warm up Various 01/11/2008 12/03/2009
21/09/2009 R/2009/071 Focus risk of fire Various 20/02/2004 31/05/2006
28/04/2010 R/2010/031 Focus with SVP split charge conversion possibility of fire Various 01/09/2006 31/10/2007
05/08/2010 R/2010/083 Focus and Focus Estate (1.6L diesel and 1.8/2.0L Petrol) risk of fire Various 01/06/2006 25/01/2007